Victoria Klum Photography(via)
One of my dear photobuddies has created her own website for her work.
Serious Compacts(via)
One of my passions is having a really good but compact camera that I can take places where SLR cameras aren't allowed. This blog specializes in them.
Evan Baines Photography(via)
I can't take credit for Evan's photography, although I did prod him towards the strobist religion and shooting RB67's.
Andy Frazer(via)
Andy is another Californian night photographer
Marc Rochkind(via)
Anybody who says that I'm "...the only guy programming in assembler who has to break away to shoot nude models." gets a link. :)
What The Duck(via)
Only the best webcomic about photography.
Photo Attorney(via)
A blog run by an attorney who works with photographers
The Online Photographer(via)
A general photography blog edited by Mike Johnston
The site for creative use of flash.
Photon Detector(via)
Nicolai Morrisson and I have had online debates in the past. He's a film photographer who experiments with holgas and pinholes and polaroids and other fun stuff.
San Francisco Nudes(via)
The blog for Doug Wade, a professional nude photographer in the bay area.