Posted by wirehead :
Yah, I'd tend to agree with that. The 5D is due for some sort of upgrade, even if it is a little marginal upgrade that doesn't change megapixel counts but adds neat features. You also have to remember that it doesn't control the 580EX II from the onboard menus like the 1Ds Mk III and 40D (and heck, even the G9) can do and other fancy features.
I also tend to think that the 5D is the only camera on the lineup that is due for a refresh at the moment. Also, I suspect that Canon works better when it feels like it has competition.
Better for me. If I want to go digital, I have to not miss my RB67 too much, and that's going to take, at the very least, a full-frame 35mm sensor. I still don't understand how you crop-factor people focus when autofocus doesn't work. :P