Ricoh GXR system
I've been out and about, which is why I didn't post about this earlier. Ricoh is offering a new system that allows the user to swap out a lens-sensor unit.

I'm not sure what to think of the Ricoh GXR. Clearly there's an advantage here. With a big-sensor prime lens and a small-sensor zoom lens, you don't have anything big and bulky... But the engineer in me figured we've got a few cranks of Moore's Observation (you know, the one that says that CPUs get twice as fast every 24 months?) such that the usefulness of the GXR as a long term system purchase isn't likely to be great. But, on the gripping hand, I should also note that my PC still has serial ports, even though it can go many times faster via USB, so maybe it's less of an issue than I think.

I am, however, very much impressed by how quirky Ricoh is allowing themselves to be. In a world of look-alike digital SLRs, it's nice to see some variety.