Colors highlighted in a piece.
Dona bending over
Dona bending over with a stick... artistic from the front, probably really trashy from the back.
Slice of snowcapped mountain
A snowcapped mountain against the green grass, near Mt. Hamilton in Silicon Valley.
Mimu Daymoon
Mimu in a red dress with the moon in the background.
Desert landscape
A desert strewn with plants, with mountains in the background.
Anza-Borrego in IR
Desert and mountains in infrared.
Lathe Arch
The Lathe Arch at the Alabama Hills
Martian Landscape
A landscape from Point Reyes that happens to look fairly outworldly
Red Barn
A red barn and maze of fences with a foggy sky
Where we were - the San Mateo Bridge
The San Mateo Bridge. While we were talking, Emily was taking a bunch of pictures. I only took one. I carefully evaluated metering and decided this was really the picture I wanted to take.
Start of the 2/20/2008 lunar eclipse
The eclipse was starting right around moonrise....
2/20/2008 lunar eclipse: Early HDR
A three exposure blend of the lunar eclipse
A church, the moon, and sunset. From La Crosse, Wisconsin
Ruined Tower
A wooden tower, falling apart, and sinking into the marsh, from the abandoned ghost town of Drawbridge
Moon and subset
The moon, purple clouds, and a sunset.
San Francisco Sunset
The sun setting over San Francisco from Alameda