People who have posed for me.
Disaster Time!
So, there I was, knee-deep in the bay, with water soaking into my camera gear. I returned to that point in time repeatedly over the next day or two. I could go back, without wanting to, and relive the experience, complete with the smell.
Fall in Silicon Valley
There's a myth going around that all of California is like Los Angeles, largely because that's what people who live outside the state see from TV shows set in California. From this, one makes the logical deduction that therefore there are no seasons in the entire state of California...
How to outshine the sun
The idea of making light that's brighter than the sun is a source of constant amusement whenever I use it. If I wanted to do this sort of stunt with video, we'd be talking the sort of lighting gear that they used in the days of Technicolor that left actors and actresses complaining about eye damage from the bright lights...
This weekend: Two models, broken hardware, and the moon
So I told Mimu that I'd tell everybody she went on a rampage and broke all my gear, because after our shoot, I was down one flash, one lightstand, and one tripod....
Dona bending over
Dona bending over with a stick... artistic from the front, probably really trashy from the back.
Kitten Daymoon
Kitten in a science fiction glittery costume with the moon in the background
Mimu Daymoon
Mimu in a red dress with the moon in the background.
Kitten against the Port of Oakland and the setting sun.
Back and water
Ursula with her back turned to the camera and a water bottle.
Ursula with a chain
Ella lying on the ground near a creek
The last photo taken with my A95
Ursula nude, with a chain.
Ursula with cameras
Ursula with an armful of cameras, some of them hers, some of them mine..
A fairly cold June borrowing my jacket
June in a jacket in the grass
My process for editing a wide dynamic range print
The version on top preserves the entire captured dynamic range mapped fairly linearly. The version in the middle makes the skin tones be about where they should be with higher contrast, but you can see how the skies are totally blown out. The version on the bottom has the sky dodged, so that it isn't blown out, but still keeps the woman at the sort of contrast level you'd expect.