Buy Prints

Inexpensive 8x10 prints

If you want an 8x10 of almost anything on the site, it's $10 + postage.

Digital color prints

My color photographs are available as RA-4 chromagenic prints. Modern RA-4 papers are actually fairly good for not turning yellow over time... well, as much as a dye-based system can be.

Optical printing has largely disappeared for color. Except for some digital images, my prints are made from high resolution film scans these days, at a much higher resolution and therefore better image quality than digital cameras are capable of. You can get right up against a print in any of the sizes I offer and still see detail and not pixelated blur.

I do not offer sizes that an image is not able to be printed at to my desire of detail. This may mean I can only offer you an 11x14 print of some images.

Hand printing B&W

The frustrating point for me about black and whites is that they are fairly hard to digitally print without a more dedicated setup than I've got. I'd probably be quite happy with a properly profiled pigment ink jet printer where I could make large prints, but I don't want to find a place to put a large ink jet printer.

So I found out about the Darkroom at Silicon Valley Debug and now I print my black and whites there by hand onto fiber base paper. I have an archival process, including toning.

Matting and framing

If you desire, I can provide the pictures mounted and matted. I only use archival matting materials. The matting protects the image from damage, preventing bent corners and making it harder for atmospheric contaminants. I generally leave a few inches of matting to fit a standard frame size of your choice and I also mount it in such a way that if you want to change out the front window mat, you can.

I can also provide the whole finished package, including a simple black frame and museum-grade glass.