My rules for shooting models in the cold

A fairly cold June borrowing my jacket

Bring a jacket. But don't wear it. Offer it to the model between shoots. The rest of the time, get almost as chilly as the model, in solidarity. Because nothing sucks more than a toasty warm photographer ready to shoot for another hour and a model who wants to desperately pour a bucket of icewater over the photographer.

See, I would have offered to give her a warm hug since I'm basically a walking talking cuddly teddy bear, but I don't know June that well and it's bad to break rule number two. So offering her my warm jacket wasn't the world's worst idea.

The other rule, of course, is to warn the model ahead of time that she should bring a jacket. And you might want to get coffee afterwards.


This is an infrared shot. My jacket is actually black and dark purple, but it turned out fairly light colored in the shot. The peculiarities of infrared film never cease to amaze me...

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