More film gone: E200

Purple twilight

I've got no official word on the subject, but apparently Kodak Ektachrome E200 is gone.

From what I gather, most high-speed slide film needs Rhodium. Rhodium is getting awfully expensive of late, so that means that they can't make high speed slide films at a reasonable price. Except for Fuji's Provia 400X.

The problem, as usual, is that if there was a nice large market for it, Kodak would reformulate their films to use different components. But since most folks who need high speed film are quite content to use digital or print film, it's hard to justify.

Furthermore, Fuji has been eating Kodak's E6 market for quite some time now.

I do sometimes dream of Kodak applying their magical recent advances that net either half the grain at the same speed or twice the speed at the same level of grain, such that we'd have a nice E200VS film in such a way that you avoid comparing E100VS to Velvia 100 and choosing Velvia over E100VS.

Props to James Cormier for the heads-up.

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