Kodak resizes and discontinues some chemicals

Fishnet models in their natural habitat

I got word that Kodak is discontinuing some sizes of chemicals and even discontinuing selling some of them.

I'm not totally sure what the changes in E-6 chemistry mean. Most of them are in sizes bigger than hobbyist ordering.

Otherwise, it's generally that Kodak is standardizing on one size of bottle. Thus, the 1 gallon bottle of HC-110 is no more, now you have to buy a 2 gallon bottle. 10 gallon packets of D-76 aren't for sale, you need to buy a 1 gallon packet. D-76 replenisher and developer starting solution are gone, as is SELECTOL-SOFT and MICRODOL-X. The Direct Positive developer kit, two Sepia toners, retouching fluid, Farmer's reducer, Royalprint chemicals, liquid hardener, some esoteric, and a few other raw chemicals are gone.

Most of the stuff that's gone is available in equivalent formulations from other companies, so it's not a massive loss. I'm not affected.


I went out for a photographic excursion last weekend. I ended up shooting the entire time switching between my RB67 with the 50mm lens (25mm-e) and my TX with the 135mm lens, plus using my G7. My wife and I covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time and I clearly need to return to most of the locations I visited for a more detailed exploration.

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