Totally obsessed with panoramas

Just so you know, I'm presently obsessed with panoramas.

Biking and taking panoramas

In fact, the main things I did this weekend was:

  1. Cook and clean (I'm the chef in the household, not my wife)
  2. Go mountain biking on Saturday and shoot nothing but panoramas
  3. Spend a bunch of time stitching said panoramas
  4. Start work on a Hugin stitching tutorial because I felt that there were some techniques I've figured out that I ought to share.
  5. Work on the software underlying this site so that I could better display panoramas on the site.
  6. Forget to edit more pictures that I took of a model on Thursday.

Yeah, this is another one of those occasions where you can point at me and giggle.

But to finally have my panoramas stitching... and to be able to have control over the process, such that I can actually fix problems when they occur, even if I notice them a few days later... is great. I am totally loving the way that Hugin works. It's totally switched something on in my brain and I can think of hundreds of shots that I must take now.

I'm also trying to figure out how to display them properly on a website. Since most of the panoramas I shoot are simply the stitched equivalent of a super-wide-angle lens, I've changed things so that the panoramas are displayed at a higher resolution and so that they can scroll as a part of the page. I'm going to solve the problem of how to properly represent a fully immersive panorama a little later. Does anybody have any thoughts about this?


Oh, and one other thing.

I only ride the middle of the lane when there's a good reason to do so. If I am riding my bike downhill and I'm in the middle of the street, it's because there's probably not much of a shoulder and I need the room to lean my bike over such that I can have my center of gravity right where it needs to be. Same idea as a motorcycle.

If I am therefore riding so fast downhill that, were a policeman to be sufficiently motivated, he could write me a ticket for going 35 in a 25 zone on a bicycle, and you yell out your truck for me to get off the road, you do not deserve to drive a vehicle of any sort.

Furthermore, if you are unable to peel off once you have gotten around me and yelled for me to get off the road before I can shout out two sentences, you have failed to make your point and are an excellent example of why the gene pool needs some chlorine.

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