Some recent shooting

I went through a period where I was so obsessed with cycling that I pretty much stopped shooting seriously. The benefits, however, are fairly clear. I'm down a lot of weight and I can now bike to the sort of places where I'd drive by and wish there was a spot where I could park my car and shoot some photos.

Thing is, loosing your inspiration is a form of impotence. The more you obsess over it being gone, the harder it is to get back. And I recognize this, so I just didn't bother scheduling much in terms of shooting and didn't worry about it.

Eventually, inspiration came back. But the urge to write here didn't, which I've somewhat smoothed over by posting from my backlog of posts to make.

Anyway, some recent highlights:


Lathe Arch

Just relax and let it take you over

Attack of the zombie trees

Pepper Farm


Last weekend, I rode 200km (124 mi) starting at the Golden Gate and continuing to Point Reyes, then to Marshall, then back to the Golden Gate. It was brilliant and wonderful, except for the part where I managed to crash my bike on the Golden Gate hard enough to wreck a few parts and get some pretty ugly road rash.

Recently added Photos: