Some observations on working with models

Behind a Field

The big difference between a Model and somebody you have model for you is that I can tell a model where to put her left foot and her right hand and she'll figure out where her elbows, knees, head, and torso are therefore supposed to be.

The proliferation of the Internet means that photographers have new options for finding models, some of them easier or less expensive than the old routes. This means two things. First, the number of people who want to photograph models, preferebly nude, has increased dramatically. Second, the number of people who consider themselves models has increased while the number of Models hasn't.

I used to get annoyed, but lately I've just realized that if somebody's not going to show up, they are probably not sufficently committed to their craft in other ways as well. The people worth working with will work with me.

It is pretty much inevitable that at least part of how I compensate people for working with me will involve food. This is a trick I learned from helping a friend make movies, where my cooking was the compensation.

The nice thing about scenery is that it doesn't flake out on you. However, that doesn't make it any easier to work with.


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