Lighting implements. I have a variety of lighting implements I use, some of them homebrew, some of them off-the-shelf.
A concise guide to the Sunpak 383 Super flash
I've been noticing some people finding my page on Google searching for more detailed information about the 383 Super. Since the 383 Super is a reasonably priced manually-controllable flash, suitable for both on and off camera use, it's experienced a little bit of a resurgence in recent times. Vivitar has responded as well by putting the 285 back on the market.
Better Indoor Lighting: A reliable setup
After reading Strobist, I almost purchased the recommended cheap old Nikon flash. However, I also wanted a flash to be carried around for impromptu situations that I could have better control over, I felt that the Nikon would be too specific to the Nikon cameras.
Better Indoor Lighting: Sunpak digital flash
My personal preference in natural-looking photography is to search out beautiful lighting instead of trying to create it. It has a habit of surprising you with beautiful colors and glows and shading. Plus, it's cheaper and I'm stingy. So I picked up the Sunpack Digital Flash.
Vivitar 285HV is actually not gone...
Vivitar went bankrupt, but apparently the new owner is going to make the 285HV still.
A battle between
A battle between two sides of color, with a woman in the middle
Behind a Field
A pair of legs and a lightpainting with purple and blue lights
Blue Leg
A pair of legs and blue illumination
A butterfly created with multicolored lights
Contrast of red
A woman being lightpainted in red
Sarah CP in pleather with lightpainting.
Dancing through light
A model being painted around by blue lights
Fire in the hand
A streak of fire
Flames licking
A woman being lightpainted in red, as if flames were around her
Green Hair
A streak of green playing in the model's hair
Mimu Daymoon
Mimu in a red dress with the moon in the background.