Lighting implements. I have a variety of lighting implements I use, some of them homebrew, some of them off-the-shelf.
Better Lighting Through High Voltage: Sunpak 383 Super is Gone / My new Sunpak 622
I've been pondering lately what I need to get my lighting gear back together. See, I've been bleeding strobes. First the one 383 super ended up in the bay, then my MS-1 failed, then my other 383 super failed, which leaves me the Sunpak Digital Flash and my Sunpak 144PC. The Digital Flash is OK, albeit low in power and the 144PC is what I use to trigger flashes, so that's just not comfortable.
How to outshine the sun
The idea of making light that's brighter than the sun is a source of constant amusement whenever I use it. If I wanted to do this sort of stunt with video, we'd be talking the sort of lighting gear that they used in the days of Technicolor that left actors and actresses complaining about eye damage from the bright lights...
Just relax and let it take you over
Sasha laying down with red light painting
The Bauble
Reese using the sun as a bauble.
Sasha in fishnets
For girls, hacking and soldering are just as natural as crying and kicking guys in the nads
Elea on her Mac and Reese playing with a soldering iron and electronics
Lindsay tossing her hair while we shoot, with forced perspective
Fishnet models in their natural habitat
Reese in fishnets in black and white