I have been working for the past several years on exploring the human form through light paintings.

The forms and masses of light are perceived by our human eyes as temporary events, but with an open camera shutter, a point of light can be drawn out into a line or curve or swirl. A seemingly constantly lit object can become a staccato dotted or dashed line. A lit neon tube can become a sweeping curtain of light. All of these effects, with care, can be controlled and shaped.

Every time I think I have all of the rudiments down, I discover something new and interesting to do with light. It's a limitless field.

Recent photographs:

About these photographs:

My photographs tend to be mostly unprocessed. As with any quality image, it is impossible to avoid some level of manipulation -- usually adjusting color balances and toning slightly, a little bit of cropping, dust removal, etc.

However, I will note with pride that all of the unique effects I've achieved have been accomplished by careful understanding and control of the light and camera, not through later editing in any sort of software package.