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This is one of my favorite beaches, the Pescadero beach. They are very nice about putting a parking area that doesn't get locked up for me to take pictures from. The rock formations are simply beautiful here.

This is at f/4 and 6 minutes at 400 ASA. I was playing with Kodak's BW400 film, which can be put through a c41 machine. They claim that no adjustment is needed up to 120 seconds and have no reciprocity figures after that, so I'm probably going to have to spend some time developing a feel for the reciprocity of the film. Here, I gave it an educated guess and lucked out *quite* well. I have another shot where it ended up grossly underexposed, even though I used what I thought was the "right" exposure values. I suspect that their "120 seconds" includes what can be compensated for in printing and I should be exposing far more.

There are some very nice properties with the bw400 film. First, it's cheap with ~$3/roll for the film and ~$3 for developing. Plus I can scan it with ICE turned on so that I don't need to spot it. The problem is that it fades like color negative film (which isn't *that* bad) and you only have so much control over the development. And, like all print films, it has lots of dynamic range.