I do accept bookings for portrait sittings. My main motivation in portraiture is to apply my style of photography to a session, but to capture the reality of a person. When the shutter opens and a picture is taken, a person is being duplicated. One person is the timeless record of how they were at one moment in time, the other person moves on with their lives.

See, we develop very slowly as people. Without pictures to track time, we would scarcely notice ourselves change over time. Back a few centuries, even having a single portrait was a big deal, especially a portrait that would stand up to the ravages of time. Now, we can keep pictures of the house we grew up in to visit it at any time, even if it's been torn down in the intervening years.

I like to capture people in their best light, maybe even in ways that the human eye wouldn't be able to see, but you cannot edit the subtle musculature of an expression nor should you edit somebody into a broomstick version of themselves. People are real. Neither their true smile nor their true frown comes up when you prompt them. The reality is that adults take just as much time to get comfortable in front of a camera for a portrait as kids do... it's just that adults aren't making a fuss while they are doing it.

Recent photographs:

About these photographs:

My photographs tend to be mostly unprocessed. As with any quality image, it is impossible to avoid some level of manipulation -- usually adjusting color balances and toning slightly, a little bit of cropping, dust removal, etc.

However, I will note with pride that all of the unique effects I've achieved have been accomplished by careful understanding and control of the light and camera, not through later editing in any sort of software package.