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Pyrokitten is a friend-of-a-friend. For the shoot, she had managed to scare up some space for the shoot and played a role in making it all happen.

She also had made sure that I, a lightpainter, who had a dramatically different approach to photography than any of the other photographers, was properly accomodated for.

So, I was very grateful for her role in making this shoot happen.

Before the shoot, she had found out that one of her friends had just passed away, but she decided to go through with the shoot anyway, figuring that even if she was puffy eyed and pouty that she could pose for my lightpaintings.

She had been up late the previous night and was moving a little slowly by the time we were shooting, but she managed to pose for a whole bunch of shots.

At the very end of the shoot, there was still a little bit of film left on the roll, and she was sitting on the red couch by the entrance of the studio, too tired to get out of her outfit, and we were all chewing the fat, trading our respective cards, and making sure that we all knew where the CDs of the pictures were to be sent. And I decided that I liked how she was looking, so I snapped a few pictures.

The part that I like about this is that it's like some of Degas's work with the dancers. I like how you can see that she's tired.

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