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PocketWizard Plus III's: More Trigger, Less Cash(via)
I've been putting off purchasing radio slaves for a long long time. Because I know that the cheap eBay ones kinda suck but I don't want to pay for a proper high-end PocketWizard.

Thankfully, PocketWizard has been competing with the cheap imports the right way. Thus, as time goes on, it becomes more and more likely that I'll just buy a few Plus III's to supplant my existing suite of optical triggers.
Kodak to stop making digital cameras(via)
Kodak's camera business has been losing money for a long long time. With the decline of P&S cameras and rise in good-enough cellphone cameras, this trend is just going to continue.

One of my friends asked what Kodak will continue to make. I told her that Kodak will still make film, to which she replied that she thought Kodak got out of the film biz. As it turns out, right now Kodak's film business is profitable.
Olympus OM-D E-M5 Officially Announced(via)
The Olympus OM series was a classic 35mm system that never got as popular as it might have been because Olympus completely missed the boat about autofocus. On the other hand, it offered something different from the rest of the lineup... a tiny body and great ergonomics.

Even though I scoff at the cloyingness of the retro styling, you can't deny that my E-P3 is a really sexy piece of camera hardware and that it draws your eye for that reason and that this E-M5 is going to give you exactly the same reaction.'

I'm probably the only person who really really cares, but I want the "Live Bulb" mode.
Inspiration hitting, Emilie Autumn, and Time for Tea
I try to avoid strictly duplicating any one particular artist or influence. Because that's just not fun. But it's quite daft to try and insist that you are fully original. Because, honestly, to go on about how original you are and how nobody else is like you is quite pretentious...
A brief statement on backpacks for hiking with photo gear from the Society Obsessed with Photography Backpack Perfection(via)
I also like taking pictures while in the midst of a great adventure while also carrying heavy camera gear, so Joe's post is right up my alley...

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