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This is hard light from a 383 through a snoot and a CTO gel right into her face and a double-CTB gel on the other 383 into the umbrella to the right. Daylight color balance on the camera.

I made the snoot shortly before we started shooting out of cardboard. All of the tutorials on lighting make it sound like you want to use soft light all the time.... but I am rather fond of how this turned out. Part of it is that jess doesn't have any wrinkles to hide. :)

She looked absolutely comical from any pose other than this one. So comical, in fact, I think my days are numbered if I post the picture I took of her from another angle to show her how silly she looked from any other angle.

Taken with sawall's 5D with my (checked to make sure the synch voltage was OK) 144PC as the trigger.

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