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Pulling out all the stops is a term borrowed from organists. See, there's a row of levers, called stops. Each stop is a sound. Organists mix sounds by pulling out more stops to make for a richer and lounder sound.

Here, I pulled out all the stops. I did lightpainting. I used strobist lighting. I had a model in vinyl and fishnets. I stitched a panorama. You get the idea.

Ramsey's tired of full-on zombification. She's done it before. I felt it's better to suggest than blatantly show, so no blood or guts or rotting makeup.

The way this worked is that I took about 35 shots (some of them didn't come out at all) and then stitched them in Hugin. So each version of Ramsey is on an individual frame, but unlike the classic clone technique, each of these frames is taken from a different field of view.

There's a cable triggered Vivitar 285HV on my super-cool MPEX lightstand, bare, to one side. Because I didn't move the flash, it still stitches.

So we spent a good amount of time just getting this one shot. It basically took up half the shoot.

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