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Guardians of culture, that's what they are!
One concept I hold very dear is the concept of being a guardian of our culture. Most of the time, this is a thankless, underpaid, and generally difficult task. Many excellent artists fill this role, but most of them don't make a good living... or even a living at all.. doing it.
What it's really like to spend time photographing mostly naked women
I feel that every guy has this misapprehension that asking a girl to pose nude is like coaxing a girlfriend out of her clothing. Or that there must be a sexual connection between model and photographer. Really, the whole public perception of this sort of photography is very skewed.
Efke IR820c
My first look at Efke IR820c
Black and White Winter in New York City
I went to New York City lately on vacation and shot a bunch of film while I was there, wandering the streets with three cameras.
Hello, Kodak?
We have reached a new stage with Kodak, and I'm not pleased about it. With prior film discontinuations, Kodak gave advanced warning that a film was going to be discontinued, perhaps with a suggested replacement film. Now, we're faced with films being discontinued without the courtesy of advance warning so we can calibrate our process for a new film or alternatively stock up to complete a project while there's still film to be purchased.
What I'm up to lately, and the aftermath of PMA
Some notes on film, some cool and not-so-cool stuff out of PMA, and a few more tidbits.
Spring 2007 Camera announcement season, part one
Despite my film-shooting bent, I do like to keep up with the digital scene as well. This is all rampant speculation based on the available facts, given that nobody's dropping any expensive loaner hardware on my doorstop anytime soon.
Digital Photo Archiving: We're in deep trouble!
I'm going to write a series of articles about photo archiving in the digital age. I'm at an interesting position to talk about these issues. I am professionally a programmer with more than a passing familiarity with imaging algorithms as well as a photographer who has displayed his work in art galleries. My wife is in the process of finishing up her masters degree in Library and Information science and has a degree in History...
My first DMCA Takedown Notice
There's a theory going around that we artists should be flattered by people 'stealing' our images. Because it means that somebody actually likes our work. People won't steal just any image, now will they?
Since my RB67 seems to be a popular search subject
I noticed that a lot of search terms related to my RB67 are appearing in my log since last time.
There really isn't much good info on the web about the RB67, I'll give you, so I want to help others out. You can always email me, too. I love my RB67 and am more than glad to share the love with you. :)
Gaining stuff / Losing stuff
I'm not incredibly worried about the "death of film". I'm not tied to the use of film to the point where I'll have lost my creative outlet if it disappears, it just happens to be the right tool for the job. I'll buy a fancy expensive high-resolution digital SLR and move on with life. But there are supply problems with film.
My Mamiya RB67
Some months ago, I closed a stock photo sale and used the proceeds to add a new camera to my collection. I made the jump to medium format.
Better Indoor Lighting: A reliable setup
After reading Strobist, I almost purchased the recommended cheap old Nikon flash. However, I also wanted a flash to be carried around for impromptu situations that I could have better control over, I felt that the Nikon would be too specific to the Nikon cameras.
My exploration of black and white, part II
I've been spending a lot of time in the past year or so on finding ways to continue to shoot film, but doing it more economically. The first step was getting my own scanner so I didn't need to pay somebody to print or scan my photos. Lately, I decided that my cost of B&W developing was too high, so I set up my own darkroom
A practical demonstration of grain and film size
People in the 35mm and digital shooting worlds tend to place a lot of importance on having the sharpest lens and the finest grained film/highest resolution sensor. People shooting 6x7 or large format have far less to worry about. I wanted to try out Kodak E200 to see what it looked like for my next film comparison, since it was freshly-expired in 120 format at the local camera store, but I realized that I couldn't make any realistic assessment of how grainy it was in the 6x7 format. So, after playing with UC 400 in the 35mm format, I decided I wanted to know what it looks like on my 6x7.

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