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50 megapixels? If you made it like the G9, it would be 500 megapixels!
I talk about 500 megapixel sensors, diffraction, and the new Kodak 50 megapixel sensor.
The Canon 5D Mark II is out(via)
The Canon 5D Mk II is here. And I was right that Canon was waiting for everybody else to put their cards on the table before letting loose with the 5D. 21 megapixels (slightly less than the A900, but more than the Nikons), maximum ISO of 25,600, live view, and 1080p HDTV recording.
New Canon A2100 IS and A1100 IS disappoint without manual exposure(via)
I agree with this assessment. An A-series Canon without manual modes is a piece of crap.
Canon A590 IS
I'm a little scared about the A-series from Canon.

The A-series has represented a great Honda Civic (Or Toyota Corolla, which is the most recent car we've purchased) sort of experience. It's not excellent at anything in particular. It's not the smallest. It's not the most impressive. It's not the best in the darkness. But, at the very least, it gets you most of the way there. It takes decent pictures, has a decent user interface, and doesn't suck in any major way. And because it's utilitarian and not sexy, you don't pay tons of money for it.
What I'm up to lately, and the aftermath of PMA
Some notes on film, some cool and not-so-cool stuff out of PMA, and a few more tidbits.
Sony Alpha A900 full frame dSLR(via)
The Sony Alpha A900 is out, with a full-frame 24.6 megapixel sensor with built in IS. I'm the sort of person who thinks that this, paired with a 50mm 1.8 lens, would be fairly neat. You can bet that Canon was probably waiting for this to occur before they announced their 5D replacement, tho.
Another Kodak film discontinuation notice
A Kodak letter got scanned and passed around the Internet and it looks like another emulsion is gone -- Ektachrome 400X this time. They make some pains to explain that families of film other than 400X are not actually dead in the letter.
Voigtlander Bessa III 120 6x6 / 6x7 (via)
It's $2250, but I still kinda want the Voightlander Bessa III 6x7 folding rangefinder. Not bad enough to pass around a hat.... yet. :D
Far beyond the megapixel race
Every time somebody bumps up the number of megapixels, there's always another set of blog posts about how useless the megapixel race is. But I don't think they get it right all the time...
Spring 2007 Camera announcement season, part one
Despite my film-shooting bent, I do like to keep up with the digital scene as well. This is all rampant speculation based on the available facts, given that nobody's dropping any expensive loaner hardware on my doorstop anytime soon.
Canon G10 Information Posted at Pop Photo Website(via)
The official rumors on the G10! My bet is that the sensor is still tiny and the biggest improvement is going to be the dedicated exposure compensation dial. I could be wrong, however.
Strobist: Canon G9: The New Polaroid?(via)
And here I thought I was a little oddball for wandering around with my G7 and my RB67... but apparently everybody else does that too.
Coolpix P6000 with GPS, Ethernet, and No Macs Allowed(via)
13.5 megapixels (meh), built in GPS (really cool), 28mm equivalent on the wide side (good), and built in Ethernet, which I've never seen before. Also, the new RAW format only works with Windows, which is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.
Canon PowerShot D10 waterproof camera. Waterproof is the new thin(via)
Remember what I said yesterday about waterproof being the new thin? Canon has an inherently waterproof digital camera now too.
Nikon announces the D700 and SB-900
News from around the web about the Nikon D700 full-frame digital SLR and the SB-900 flash.

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