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More film gone: E200
I've got no official word on the subject, but apparently Kodak Ektachrome E200 is gone.
Olympus E-P1 PEN Review(via)
The E-P1, despite its flaws, is still high on the list for cameras I'd purchase whenever my G7 breaks / is stolen / ends up in the water and muck while I'm photographing a naked model.
Some thoughts on proper tripod usage
The best highest-end tripods and heads in the world will give you blurry images if you don't use them right. Here are some things I've discovered you need to think about while shooting with a tripod...
Fujifilm kills Fujicolor 800z(via)
Well, all you folks spouting off about Kodak dropping film... now it's Fuji's turn. Fujicolor 800z is now off the market.

The problem, of course, is that the market that wanted an 800 speed film is happy with a digital SLR... and also that a lot of folks tend to prefer Kodak's 800 speed film.
A note about 'Lithium' NiMH batteries
The other day, when I came upon "Rayovac 4.0" batteries, which use "Lithium" all over the package, I was wondering if there was a new battery formulation that I wasn't aware of...
Frankie & Heideke to close(via)
I'm somewhat sad about this. The latest Rollei 6x6 system sold as the Leaf AFi and Sinar Hy6, is the closest digital to having the Mamiya RB67 user experience. But Leaf is now owned by Phase One... and Phase One is already committed to the Mamiya system. But Rollei has been in bad shape for a long time now, so I'm not surprised.

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