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My first trip to the Anza-Borrego Desert
My first trip into the Anza-Borrego Desert to take some pictures and experiment with some techniques
A smidgen of hope for some film(via)
The thing about the people who still shoot 8x10 and 20x24 polaroid film is that they are most likely to be able to put their mouth where their money is when they say they'll pay whatever it takes.
The new site is live!
One of the realizations that came with using a lot of the new Web 2.0 services is that if it's easy to deal with, I'll use it. My queue for articles and pictures to post here has been historically far longer than I actually get around to posting because it takes a fairly long sequence of events to actually post things. There's a lot of stuff that is left over from when I created the site in the space of a weekend so that I'd have something to put on my business card that I could hand out at my first gallery showing.
On Banning Photography from Restaurants(via)
When I was recently in Philly, I ate at Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant. And proceeded to "food porn" my way through the meal. It's fun, it's participatory, and I didn't use my flash or try to disturb anybody else. And now some other high-end chef wants to ban this practice...
Security kooks force photographer out of his hoby(via)
Apparently a bus-spotter gets called a pedophile and a terrorist by security personnel and so he gave his hobby up after 40 years.
TFP Documentary / Image Theft / Leica M8
Somebody's writing a documentary about the TFP modeling community, some more thoughts on image theft, and a Leica M8 is shown to be pretty awful for real use in Iraq.
Other blogs I find interesting.
The Nokia N95 demo in San Francisco
Just a quick note that I'm going to be helping demo the Nokia N95 (which has one of the better cellphone cameras on the market right now) next week.
Lurking in random places / ReadyLoads gone
Readyloads are gone.. and some stories about being scared of getting stopped by rent-a-cops
What about the 1 over focal length rule?
This came up the other day on the photo discussion list at work, where one of the guys pointed out one of the many millions of flame wars on the subject and stated that there had to be one correct answer to the question of how the 1 over focal length rule (meaning if you have a 50mm lens, you need to have your shutter at least at 1/50) applies to digital SLRs with crop-factor.

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