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So if you were wondering why there hasn't been any new content here in a bit...
I'm moving around disks at home. See, I was getting this vague feeling that my collection of disks...especially the pair of disks that I got in the wake of my last hard drive crash... was getting a little old. And the "CPU overheating" siren on my Linux box went off, so I decided to take that as a sign that I need to shake up my hardware configuration before stuff started smoking...
Olympus finally does the right thing for the 4/3rds mount
One of the central arguments of the 4/3rds mount was that digital camera sensors were destined to stay small, thus, a new mount for these smaller sensors, with a smaller lens throat and registration distance so that the lenses could be smaller and lighter, only covering that 4/3rds mount size. Of course, Olympus kinda screwed it up.
London's Metro Cops need their head examined
London's Metropolitan Police have a new "keep your eyes open" campaign.Guess who the scapegoats are? Well, there's people with too many phones, your funny-looking neighbors... and photographers.

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